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Two women turn disabilities into strengths and employment

Susan Wiseman swings her arms and hips to the music at the door of Chuck E. Cheese's, where she waits for families' hands to inspect and stamp.

"Any kind of song," Susan says, will make her boogie.

So, when the kiddie restaurant recently threw a party for her 20th year of work, its furry mascot pranced out and the two danced as Susan said, "Oh Chuck E., I love you Chuck E."

Susan is 48 and has CdLS.
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Samantha Manns: Raising Funds While Riding a Bike

Samantha Manns has gone above and beyond for the CdLS Foundation, participating in a 40-mile bicycle ride fundraiser with just three weeks' notice.
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Two exceptional special needs students among 125 Bay High graduates

Two Bay High graduates likely taught as much as they learned during their years at the school.

Brent Anderson received the Inspirational Tiger Award at senior awards. Clarence Kennedy was honored for having the Heart of a Tiger. Thursday, they'll get their diplomas with 123 other seniors at the Bay High football field.

Brent has been an inspiration to get to know and love during his time here at Bay High," Amy Coyne, Bay High principal, said. "He inspires every one of us to be better people every day."
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Educating and accepting

National Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS) Awareness Day is observed the second Saturday of May each year in order to bring attention to this often misdiagnosed genetic syndrome.
Since CdLS is unfamiliar to most people, Awareness Day is an opportunity to educate others about the syndrome. Angie Brown, a 2nd and 3rd grade teacher at Nicholson, used this time to educate local students on CdLS, a syndrome that her daughter, Addison, was diagnosed with in 2007.
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